Yaroslav Kostiukov


On a journey from the fundamentals of business management to the cutting edge of AI, fueled by a deep-seated love for all things tech and digital, I’ve evolved from digital marketing web developer to an AI enthusiast with a vision.

At the core of my diverse career lies a constant: an unwavering dedication to innovative problem-solving in every project and challenge.

AI: The New Frontier

In this part of my journey, I’ve been exploring the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI). It’s more than just a trendy topic; it’s a field full of amazing possibilities. Here, I use my skills in solving problems to make the most out of AI, creating smart and easy-to-use solutions.

The cutting-edge capabilities of AI allows us create initial ideas and solutions quickly and efficiently. Humans are then able to review and improve these ideas. The human touch adds understanding and care to the work, making sure it’s not just smart, but also meaningful and suitable for real-world situations.

This combination of AI’s fast capabilities and human insight leads to better, more thoughtful results. It’s like having the best of both technology and human understanding.

The Business of Tech

In business it’s all about finding the best technology solutions for different business needs. My approach involves really understanding what a business requires and then matching those needs with the right technology.

It’s like being a tech detective, figuring out which tools and software can help a business work smarter, not harder.

I focus on choosing technologies that not only fit the business today but also support its growth in the future. This is where I get to blend my knowledge of tech and business to create custom solutions that make a real difference.