Hello there,
I'm Yar

I'm a UX/UI designer from Vancouver, BC
with the background in Web and Mobile Development.

Follow my buddy, Antey, to find my projects

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Local Meal Prep Company

Currently I am a UX/UI Designer and a Product Owner at this amazing company.

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Loyalty App

leal was my Capstone Project at Langara. It is a loyalty program app for Small and Medium businesses. Working on it, I wore multiple hats, such as UX/UI Designer, front-end Web Developer, and Quality Tester.

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A mockup of iPhoneX with Fauna app

Interactive Wildlife Locator

This was a fun DataVis project where I took the role of the Lead Designer. As a team of 3 Designers and 2 Developers, we developed this prototype in 12 weeks.

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Design Studies

I have also made a few design studies and composition projects as the part of my journey learning design thinking and tools of the trade.

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Yaroslav Kostiukov photo

Hey! You found me!

I moved to Canada not that long ago from Ukraine and fell in love with Vancouver!

Here I graduated Web and Mobile Application Development at Langara College.

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to work together!